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Charles A. Hemsey D.C., FACC

Charles A. Hemsey DC, FACC is the Senior Clinician at the Levittown Health Center. A graduate of Life University in 1981, Dr. Hemsey has over 32 years of experience in private and clinical practice. He has been affiliated with NYCC since 1986 in a variety of positions where he worked as an Associate Director in the Levittown Health Center from 1986 – 1989, Clinic Director of the Greenvale Clinic in 1989, Director of Clinical Education from 1991 – 1995, Director of Outreach Programs from 1996 – 1999, Faculty Clinician 1999 – 2009 and became the Chief of Staff in 2010. Dr. Hemsey is a member of the American Chiropractic Association and is a NYCC Postgraduate Faculty member. Dr. Hemsey brings extensive knowledge of Chiropractic and is certified in ConnecTX® an instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization technique (IASTMT) and utilizes the Activator® Technique (instrument-assisted manipulation) as well as a variety of spinal manipulative techniques. He has taken postgraduate coursework in Clinical Neurology, Radiology and Nutrition. As a postgraduate speaker, he has presented multiple lectures in the areas of primary and secondary headaches which give him the skillset to diagnose, treat and manage a number of chiropractic conditions that present to the health center. Dr. Hemsey likes to treat a variety of neuromusculoskeletal conditions including headaches, neck and low back pain, disc-related pain and various nerve compression syndromes. He incorporates specific exercise, rehabilitation and lifestyle changes with the emphasis on patient education where the patient learns how to manage their condition.

In his role as clinical Instructor at the Levittown Health Center, Dr. Hemsey works with the NYCC interns to teach them how to provide patient-centered care while at the LHC as well as preparing our interns for a successful career as Chiropractic practitioners.

Dr. Hemsey received a Fellow from the American College of Chiropractors (FACC) in recognition for his contribution to the Chiropractic profession.

Dr. Hemsey is accepting new patients and as the Chief of Staff, welcomes you to join the NYCC Levittown Health Center patient family where you will be provided evidenced-based, individualized patient care.

Lloyd Kupferman, D.C., FACC, CCSP

Lloyd Kupferman, DC, FACC, CCSP is a faculty clinician at Levittown Health Center. He is 1981 graduate of the New York Chiropractic College where he entered directly into private practice before joining the Levittown Health Center 20 years ago. Dr. Kupferman is a recipient of the renowned Ernest G. Napolitano Award for his contributions to the chiropractic profession.Dr. Kupferman has specialized training in both sports injuries and nutrition, and treats all age groups including children and pregnant women. Patients can expect a holistic and individualized approach with him.


• Ernest G. Napolitano Award
• Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician
ConnecTX® Certification
• Primary Integrative Spine Care Practitioner
Activator® Technique Certification
• New York State Chiropractic Association, Vice President

From early in his life, Dr. Kupferman knew that he wanted to go into the healing arts because of his desire to help others. In high school and college, he became interested in nutrition when it was a newly emerging topic. He soon became inspired to enter the chiropractic field.As the largest alternative to standard medical care, Dr. Kupferman believes that chiropractic is important as a method of utilizing the least invasive technique. His advice for the general population to lead a healthier life is to de-stress, lose weight, and exercise. 

John D. LaFalce, D.C. M.Ed.

John D. LaFalce, D.C., M.Ed. is a faculty clinician at Levittown Health Center. He is a 2006 graduate of New York Chiropractic College with a Master’s Degree in Health Science from Springfield College. Dr. LaFalce is a Certified Athletic Trainer through the National Athletic Trainers Association, which allows him to treat multiple sports-related injuries and discomforts. Dr. LaFalce also oversees our spoke site location that provides chiropractic care to Stony Brook University’s student body at their campus Student Health Center.


• ACBSP Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner
• Technique and Kinesio Taping
• Extensive knowledge of athletic rehabilitation and strength conditioning
ConnecTX® Certification

Chiropractic is a second-career for Dr. LaFalce. Originally, he worked with college-level athletes, minor league soccer teams, and in athletic training education. He often treats patients who are athletes and helps them develop training plans, including:

• Runners
• CrossFitters
• Weekend Warriors
• Power Lifters

Dr. LaFalce’s approach with patients is individualized and goal-based. During their first visit with Dr. LaFalce, patients can expect to receive a thorough history and a neuromuscular skeletal exam that assesses their ability to perform daily living activities such as squatting, bending, reaching, lifting, and carrying. The initial exam will also determine range of motion and include orthopedic testing. Patients should bring a list of all medications and supplements and any past X-Rays or MRI reports to their first visit. The most common issue he sees in patients is back pain related to our modern lifestyle. He advises patients to keep enjoying life and moving forward!

Veronica Wicks, B.S., D.C., FACC, CCSP

Veronica Wicks, BS, DC, FACC, CCSP is a Faculty Clinician at the Levittown Health Center. A graduate of New York Chiropractic College, Dr. Wicks has been has been in active practice for over 20 years and has worked for NYCC as a Resident and Faculty Clinician since 1988. She has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from C.W Post in Education. She is an active member of the New York State Chiropractic Association. She is committed to the Mission and growth of the College by participating in committees within the College. Dr. Wicks has post graduate training in Activator® Technique, and is certified in ConnecTX® (instrument-assisted soft-tissue mobilization technique (IASTMT) and is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner (CCSP) to service her wide spectrum of patients.

Her years of clinical experience and approach to patient health care make her an ideal mentor to teach, instruct and encourage future Doctors of Chiropractic by delivering the “Best Practice Model“ of health care to her patient population. She runs a patient –centered practice acknowledging that health care is a struggle but with the chiropractic interns under her direct supervision at the Levittown Health Center can break down the barriers and personalize the patient’s treatment.

Dr. Wicks received a Fellow from the American College of Chiropractors (FACC) in recognition for her dedication to the Chiropractic profession.

Dr. Wicks has an integrated policy for patient care and encourages new patients to experience the specialized treatment offered at the Levittown Health Center.