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Advancing Patient-Centered Natural Healthcare

About Levittown Health Center

Levittown Health Center is an outpatient, academic facility providing comprehensive natural healthcare services to members of the community of all ages. As an affiliate of the Northeast College of Health Sciences (Northeast), a leader in natural healthcare education and training, Levittown Health Center offers comprehensive healthcare services to patients who appreciate the value of a holistic, integrated approach.

In addition to being experts in their respective fields, the clinicians at Levittown Health Center are faculty members that apply their clinical experience in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating a wide variety of conditions to the patient to the student learning experience.  Their goal is to ensure that each patient receives maximum benefit from every visit. The team is dedicated to working in partnership with patients to promote health and wellness through their expertise and understanding of each person's health needs and goals.

A Philosophy of Patient-Centered, Integrative Care

Northeast College of Health Sciences embraces a doctor-driven, patient-centered educational model within their three Health Centers located in Seneca Falls, Depew, and Levittown, New York.  

Under this model, each clinician is fully engaged with patient care and supervision of students to provide the highest level of quality patient care. This model also maximizes the educational benefit to our students. Our doctors and clinician are responsible for all patient healthcare decisions (evaluation, management and record keeping) and will determine the best form of treatment for you. During your visit Northeast students will interact with our doctors and clinicians in the healthcare decision-making process and participate in authorized care as directed by the doctor or clinician.  

Levittown Health Center is committed to academic excellence, leadership, and professional best practices. 

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